About Us

52 Habits is the blog of Dalyn Luedtke and Julie Platt. Each week, Dalyn and Julie will add a new lifehack/self-improvement strategy to their daily lives and post about the results, no matter how good, bad, or ugly.

Julie and Dalyn met at the International Writing Centers Association 2014 Summer Institute in Lexington, and bonded over a love of writing, lifehacking, She-Ra, and beer.

Julie in her natural environment

Julie is Director of the Center for Writing and Communication and Assistant Professor of English at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. She began her academic career as a poet, and now specializes in multimodal composition, professional writing, and creative writing studies. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh. Julie is engaged to fellow writing professor Phill Alexander, and is the mother of a rat terrier named Dobson.

1425568_10201847628023732_1282121822_nDalyn is an Assistant Professor of English at Norwich University where she teaches courses that focus on writing, rhetoric, popular culture, food, and television. Originally from Southern California, she now lives in Vermont with her partner, three of her feral children, two cats, and eleven chickens, trading her tan and flaxen locks for grey skies, green mountains, and white Christmas’s.


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