Rule 1: Take Small Steps (Julie’s Spring Break Special)

neil-footstepSo, I made my list. You know, stuff that needed doing. I dove in, using the Getting Things Done strategy for listing every single thing that crossed my mind (every card to write, every phone call to make, every room to clean). I listed and listed. When dust settled, there were no less than fifty individual tasks on my “Spring Break 2015” to-do list.
It’s clear that some things are going to have to be reconsidered, because a list of fifty things to do in five days doesn’t look like it can be conquered in a series of small steps. So, here’s what I did accomplish today, however small:
  • Bathed, dressed, and fed self
  • Made bed
  • Wrote a bunch thank-you notes and emails
  • Paid bills
  • Co-wrote a conference proposal
  • Got two other conference proposals underway
  • Got one of two inboxes to zero
  • Delegated some service tasks
  • Did my daily IWCA conference tweeting
  • Wrote this shit right here
Tune in tomorrow for Rule 2.

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