Dalyn’s Week 7: Catching Up and Taking Stock

As it so often goes, I find myself getting further and further behind. But, now that we’re 90% moved in AND I have a week off for spring break, I think I just *might* be able to catch up.

There’s nothing quite like moving to show you how much crap you have. And boy do we have crap. This week I’m going to attempt to tackle some of that crap as I simultaneously unpack and organize what’s no longer in boxes. The most obvious place to begin is the kitchen. We’ve moved into a much smaller kitchen than we previously had, and we’re bursting at the seams. We have kitchen gadgets. Lots of them. We have bulk food. Lots of it. We  have frozen tomatoes and sprouting potatoes. Pounds and pounds of them.

On top of all that, we spent every last dime getting into this place and now we are in the process of incurring all the expenses related to moving. There are all the little hooks and hangers and bolts and wires that connect your old house to your new one. There are the not so little things like paying two electricity and oil bills until your old lease runs out. There is the plowing that you never had to worry about. There is the long, slow, and untimely death of your television (which has to be replaced immediately when you actually study TV). Basically, shit’s expensive.


veggie stock in the making

So, it’s time for a good old-fashioned pantry challenge. Because I leave for a conference next
week, I’m keeping it simple with a 9-day pantry challenge, then Josh can do whatever he wants when takes the helm next week. If you’ve never done a pantry challenge, well, I’m guessing you also don’t spend much time on Facebook or Pinterest. Good for you. If you have heard of it, then you know it means we’ll be eating and cooking exclusively out of the pantry/freezer/fridge with zero trips to the grocery store. Zero money spent on food. More room in the cupboard. And more attention to cooking.

The biggest challenge will be the kids who expect to have copies amounts of fresh food daily, so I’ll have to get creative with snack food to keep them from rioting. In the meantime, however, I’ll be spending my week making sauce, turning frozen veggie scraps into stock, and baking pies.


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