Dalyn’s Week 5: Inspired to Try Frog

I just read Julie’s latest blog post and I have to admit that I’m totally inspired. I, too, hate grading for many of the same reasons that Julie outlines–not to mention that I find they actually often get in the way of learning.  But, now it’s that time of the semester. Conference season has begun at the same time that all five of my classes have handed in their first big projects. I haven’t even finished grading the homework that led up to this project, so I am just a wee bit behind.

Like Julie, my procrastination when it comes to grading has affected my evaluations, my teaching, and my overall productiveness. I have a statement on my syllabus that says the grading process may take as long as two weeks. If I was honest with them, it would say four. Or five. In fact, I usually BEGIN grading out of guilt when it hits the two week mark. With five classes, that seems like a recipe for disaster as a teacher and partner/mother. Instead of making some progress each day, I put it off as long as possible then spend a whole weekend catching up rather than hanging out with my lovely family. How can I honestly bemoan the lack of time I get with them when I create the conditions that take away that time?

I have to admit, though, that I hate the idea of eating the frog–and not just because I’m vegetarian. While I’ve failed terribly at getting up at 5:00, I’ve continued to do well at not opening my computer in the morning. My days, as a result, have started out much more pleasantly and I feel good as I head into the teaching, managing, parenting, moving, and committeeing of my days. The idea of diving into grading after such a nice start to the day sounds awful even if I know I’ll feel better, and more productive, when it’s over. Sigh.

So, this week I, too, am going frog hunting. When I eventually run out of grading (maybe? hopefully? please?), I’ll likely make establishing the frog for the day part of my morning routine. In the meantime, a digital stack of resumes, cover letters, and food memoirs awaits.


Dalyn’s 52 Habits Update

Week 4: While I did kind of forget that I was trying to complete an actual challenge, I did manage to go most of the week without yelling. Then we moved and chaos ensued. I didn’t really use any of the techniques of the Orange Rhino Challenge, mostly because I never found the time to read about them to know what they are. Deep breaths and walking away and reminding myself not to yell seemed to do the trick. I didn’t notice much of a difference other than that I was no longer adding to the noise level in our house, but I feel better about myself and I’ll be paying close attention to my tone as soon as I’m back in town.

Week 3: The Morning Person course lady keeps sending me emails that keep going to my promotions folder and they’ve basically stayed unopened until I delete them. The truth is that the emails delved into feel good, new agey rhetoric and activities pretty quickly and I just don’t roll like that.

Week 2: Still getting to bed by 10:00 most of the time. Still not getting up at 5:00 all of the time. Still staying off the computer for an hour each morning 95% of the time.

Week 1: Easy peasy. This one doesn’t even feel like a challenge, which I guess is good? It’s all I can o not to tinker with it, because it just feels too easy.



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